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You are a HELPER!

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So which statement applies to YOU, friend?

A. I read a blog post and would like to hear more about the preparation and activity for SHORT-TERM MISSIONS (or missions in general, at home or abroad). Awesome! Nice scouting! Thanks for hanging out with us. We want to help you. Please fill out the email box below and then HEAD OVER TO YOUR INBOX for the good stuff. :-)

B. I got a free chapter of the missions book or one of the other many goodies and FREEBIES by The Scripture Scout's Godspeed Missions!

Awesome! Nice scouting! It's good to have you here. Please HEAD OVER TO YOUR INBOX for the good stuff. :-)

C. None of the above! I just love mission work and found my way here!

All of them cool! One of your spiritual gifts is probably helping, huh?

Helping others through missions is a gift of support and behind-the-scenes effort that make groups, families, and congregations (and yourself!) very effective in the kingdom of God. Not everyone is gifted to lead, but many are gifted to follow and handle the tasks that are so essential, but less glamorous.

Helpers love to serve others, support others, and assist others in the important work of ministry and missions. Tireless in your willingness to serve, being a helper makes you less interested in receiving thanks and recognition than in doing good, valuable work.

You're at the right place! I have no doubt YOU have a lot to offer.

In Christ alone,

Anne-Geri' ("Angie") Fann

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(me at my least glamourous on a mission trip to Juarez, Mexico)

P.S. Ooo! Check out this popular post about being aware of our own culture ... and how it applies to mission trips! Its really, really, really important. But you knew that already. ;-)

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