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    Anne-Geri' Fann

    Nashville, TN

    It's just me. *wink*

    Here's some more!

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    Jade Anne Lindgan

    Mandaluyong City, Philippines

    Jade loves travelling, exploring different cultures, and capturing them all on her film camera. For truth, encouragement, and random musings, follow Jade on Instagram @jadeannelingan or find more Jade offers at jadeannemarie.com.

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    Godswill Okuchukwu

    Umuahia, Nigeria

    Godswill can be usually found reading, smiling, public speaking, motivating people and reminding them of God’s unending love for them.  For truth, encouragement, and collaborations, follow Godswill on your favourite social media channel; to find more that Godswill offers see www.godswillcokechukwu.com, he has also published a book called 'Navigate Your Life: The meaning of life is to give life a meaning’ which is available on Amazon.

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    Jesupelumi Akintade​ Victor

    Akure, Nigeria

    The Scripture Scout is blessed to collaborate with Jesupelumi Akintade Victor on today's devotional for Godspeed Missions! Jesupelumi loves listening to teachings from respected teachers of the word, teaching teenagers the word of God and praying. For truth, encouragement, and a fun experience, follow Jesupelumi on Twitter @AkintadeJVicto1

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