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    A fun info-graphic for you.

    Here is a simple little info-graphic you can use as a bookmark, mini-poster, print-and-share or just something to share virtually. It's something we talk about in How to Get Ready for Short-Term Missions. You also may know as much as I do (maybe more!) and will nod your head vehemently at this list (and maybe even giggle a little), but now you have something in print that you can reference or share however you like!

    Ready Set Go, Missionary!

    a mini-online mission trip prep course

    Beginning with a hilarious fable for missionaries, this daily guide in quick bitesize tips (about 5-15 minutes a day) takes you on a trip-before-the-trip to help you:

    • Pack your suitcase and prepare your heart
    • Build genuine relationships with the locals
    • Understand cultural differences
    • Deal with physical fatigue
    • Combat stretched emotions
    READ THE FIRST CHAPTER OF How to Get Ready for Short-Term Missions


    Best-selling recording artist, songwriter, and author Michael Card called this book “The perfect tool for preparing and sustaining anyone sensing the call to a short-term mission project. It is both intensely practical and deeply spiritual as it provides advice for the emotional experience of sending our best out on mission for the first time.”

    My Prayer List for Missions

    for missions at home or abroad

    A prayer list for individuals, groups, or teams that of things to consider as we are preparing for missions at home or abroad.


    To be spiritually prepared for the work we have been called to do and for any spiritual battles that we may find ourselves facing.


    This freebie is also included in the (paid) product that premiered in July of 2020, NO MONKEY BUSINESS, a jam-packed Missions Survival Guide with proven practices that keep You On Target & send you into orbit, a survival guide that was used when trips were cancelled during the global pandemic, and still acts as a wonderful preparation for missions abroad or at home.


    Hope the prayer list inspires you!

    Let's Make Memories!

    Sometimes 911s happen. So what do we do when we're the ones at home?

    If you've ever been on a mission trip, you know that things don't always go according to plan. Sometimes an emergency happens and you need to get the word out to the folks back home without causing panic. One way to do this is to have a pre-designed phone tree. This way, you can quickly and efficiently spread the word without having to go through a lot of channels. The key is to design the phone tree in such a way that it can be easily activated in an emergency. This way, you can focus on solving the problem at hand, instead of worrying about how to communicate with everyone.

    PIP from your trip!


    (Processing in Prayer...)

    Share some of the things with God about what you have learned from this experience. Tell Him everything you can remember about your trip.


    And WHY? Because He has something to tell you too!


    Colour and greyscale versions are available.

    Leaving the Quiver

    Printable Bookmark

    I invite you to look over the “overview” bookmark and I especially want you to think about the second “T” in the list. I have known some parents who have said they felt closer to their children when they were also doing an unusual work of service while their kid was away.


    It is also something you can share with your child when they return. You have some kind of common ground you might not have had before, a step towards better understanding why their eyes are aglow with new light.


    Colour and greyscale versions available.

    A Brainstorming List for Young Missionaries

    for short-term missions prep

    This list can be done simultaneously with the "Monthly Missions Prep Guide." Hey, you cannot "over-prepare!" Some may take longer than a week, but use each week to focus on, begin, & pray about that one thing!


    a month's worth checklist calendar for the mission-minded

    Here is some motivation and encouragement here for you as you prepare your heart for mission work.


    I pray it helps you accomplish a goal or just get ideas on what to do each day to prepare your very best to be 'on mission" - as a lifestyle!


    This checklist is in a 30-day calendar, but can absolutely be spread out depending on YOU.


    A step-by-step guide to raise money for your mission trip.

    Extremely helpful tips from myself and a missions' accountant that will be
    invaluable to you in your endeavours to fund your mission trip and before you run to mama’s Christmas card list for possible cash donations. ;-)

    Look closely at sources, limitations, order of effectiveness, and a sample support letter for you to use.


    Hit your goal!

    This is a direct upload to a helpful spreadsheet to keep a record of any funds you raise for your trip! The cells are already formulated to calculate for you and there is an example template spreadsheet within the file.


    ALSO INCLUDES A BONUS TRACKER FOR PRINTING FOR TAKING NOTE OF YOUR PROGRESS. The spreadsheet and printed sheet(s) can work together.

    Use as needed!


    Hope it helps you reach your goal!



    You can do this! *wink*

    Not all, but most mission trips are to third world countries. This is a direct upload to a suggested packing list if your mission trip happens to be to one of those.


    Some items are tagged as something you will want to ASK YOUR MISSION LEADER about! This is a great list as it has been used multiple times by many mission groups to Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Argentina and Uruguay (and those are the only ones the writers at Godspeed Missions have gone on or know about).

    Missionsary Messages

    Sometimes, making an impact on your community means being an active participant in things that affect your life and the lives of your neighbours.


    Maybe your friend or your child has a missionary's heart.


    Please enjoy 10 small business-card-sized messages of encouragement for family or friends with a missionary's heart.


    Can be used with various sizes of cardstock.

    Walton's Proverbs

    fun short-term missionary

    advice from a serious pro

    Dear friend,

    A missionary who had a great impact on the PrediSan Health Ministries in Honduras, Charlie Walton was a very well-respected short-term missionary to Honduras (and long-term missionary to everyone around him). This is my collection of his personal proverbs concerning mission work that he uttered at one time or another on one of his many ventures to the deep, deep south.


    A couple of years before he passed into glory, he gave me permission to use (or mess with) some of them in my book on missions. I feel sure there are many, many others. I share them with you so that they may give you a little laugh, but ultimately, a little perspective about things that can happen on the short-term mission field. Enjoy. *wink*

    Love, Angie

    Let's Make Memories!

    you can be a missionary to your neighbour!

    A simple graphic for how you can naturally become a missionary ... and start with your neighbour! Or classmate. Or that guy who checks you out at the supermarket. Whoever!
    You already know that the only way to follow Christ indeed is by uniting with Him in his mission of making disciples - reaching those lost! We need all sorts of gifts and talents (and resources!) to assist us in our service to Him. We need wisdom from HIM so we can do this effectively!
    A Missions Christmas Colouring Book

    Christmas Around the World!

    The colouring book shows images of Christmas traditions around the world, but you get to guess or find out which country! (there are answers in the back, of course...) Enjoy this free colouring book of Christmas traditions around the world!