• Biblical Timeline

    How about a timeline that stands the "test of time?"

    This wall poster is a curvy-linear,

    winding view of God's relationship

    and history with the world from Genesis to Revelation.

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    The images contained in the Quarter lessons are ready-to-colour and can be placed on the part of the Bible you are in as you take a journey with the students. After you share each lesson you will take a student on a walk through the Bible, showing how THEY fit into the story!


    There are 60+ images for the timeline. The images pictured in the photos on this page are only examples. The actual images are set for students (or teachers!) to colour and can be found in the Sleuth for the Truth lesson plans.


    Like this one for example!


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    For kids to understand the timeline of biblical events from Creation to the Church (and beyond!) is necessary to FULLY begin to appreciate God’s Word and how Jesus was in place from the beginning of time!

    This poster was designed in conjunction with The Scripture Scout's Sleuth for the Truth Sunday school curriculum series and provides over 60 number of illustrated Bible characters and events to show the '"golden thread" of JESUS through the history of the Bible.

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    This banner-sized vinyl timeline and teaching poster can work well in a classroom, hallway, foyer or any place where Christians

    (and searchers) gather.


    Guaranteed: your students and/or family will LOVE it!