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    a Sleuth for the Truth Activity

    The king's crowns are great visuals to put around the top of your church classroom as you teach them one by one through The Scripture Scout’s SLEUTH FOR THE TRUTH curriculum but can be used with your own method of teaching the Bible kings of Israel, Judah and a United Kingdom. These pages/slides/cut-outs note whether it was a GOOD king (yellow/gold) or a BAD king (red). Some were a little of both ...


    *visuals come with a teacher's guide to teach the Kings

    Following Jesus ... on Facebook?, What Does It Mean to 'Follow' Jesus?

    a Sleuth for the Truth Activity

    Here is an opportunity to 'post' your relationship with Jesus on social media. :-) This centre helps students remember the important things God has told us about what it means to make the decision to follow Him.


    This is an excellent resource as one of the centres while going through the "LIVING LIKE A BELIEVER" part of The Scripture Scout’s SLEUTH FOR THE TRUTH curriculum.

    Easter is about Jesus. Many cultures may celebrate the equinox or have bunnies, and baskets and that's nice, but remembering what Easter is REALLY about is even better! All of these activities can be done on Easter but can be used at any time and there are other fun option instead of baskets in one activity.

    JESUS' FAMILY TREE, The Genealogy of Jesus

    a Sleuth for the Truth Activity

    This centre will help you learn (and remember) the genealogy (family tree) of Jesus since the first man, Adam! Each head has a name on it. Students will simply time themselves (or with help) putting them in order! When the student is finished, they can call a teacher over to shuffle them and then you can start the timer again as you watch them put them in order and impress you that they now know the genealogy of Jesus!