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John 3:30

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The Scripture Scout's  Top 3 Mission Points  for this Year

You have a heart for missions, but you don't know where to go and you are looking for team mission opportunities. OR ... you may already have a mission point chosen and planned! You have landed on a page that is an excellent start to your preparation with top notch resources. Maybe you are STILL TRYING TO DECIDE WHERE TO GO and are interested to see what is out there ... BUT ... HOW DO YOU DECIDE?


1. with the heart and mind!:

2. with the ears!:

Consider how your world view will be shifted with GlobalCast's WORLD VIEW SHIFT (here is the audio version). And you can also consider a local missionary's perspective on your HEART FOR MISSIONS by Bishop Ekong Edemekong and Nike Akenola.

3. with the feet!:


Good Soil Ministries

Good Soil Ministries -- The GSM Mission Training for Teens accurately, successfully, and very enjoyably simulates the experience culture shock, language learning, exotic meals, what it is like to spend the night in a mud hut or a week in a village! Teens are introduced to the basic principles and practices of successful missions through these life-size live simulated camps.

This is a wonderful preparation in the beautiful Appalachia area of East Tennessee. All mission groups or writers with The Scripture Scout team have done GoodSoil. It is HIGHLY recommended! Check Good Soil Ministries.

So ... after reading through (or DOING) the above resources we feel CERTAIN you will be ready to, as Mark 16:15 says, "go into all the world" ... but ...


Well, without further adieu, here are The Scripture Scout's TOP THREE MISSION POINT RESOURCES for this summer. These are amazing team mission opportunities and everyone on The Scripture Scout team has done mission work with one or all of these organizations. Whether you want to join a team as an individual or family, or are researching possibilities for your church, school or other group, each of these mission points offer a wide variety of ways to live out your faith.

The basics only are here because when you decide which link to click on, you may be there a while! With each link in this list you can find the purpose, background, location, trip length, cost and trip type that fits your interests. Mission Discovery has a wide variety of mission possibilities. Casa por Cristo and PrediSan are two Spanish-speaking locations (both have available translators on location).

"He must become greater;

I must become less." -John 3:30

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Mission Discovery

Mission Discovery - for interest in many USA mission points pus Guatemala, Jamaica, Uganda, The Bahamas, Swaziland, Mexico, Peru, Haiti, and more ...

With Mission Discovery you are meeting physical and spiritual needs around the world with meaningful mission field opportunities for EVERYONE (that's you AND the people you go to serve). These trips aim to help desperate communities. Teams of volunteers build homes for families in need, love on orphans, feed the hungry, clothe and educate school children, provide medical care and empower churches to bring hope to those communities.

Mission Discovery is an important project along with an outreach directed by organisation members to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ. Hundreds have decided to follow Christ each year through Mission Discovery outreaches such as Children’s Bible School, Christian medical missions, building projects, and even door-to-door evangelism in some areas.

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Casas por Cristo - for interest in Spanish-speaking missions in various parts of the world; you build a home with fellow volunteers in just one week, start to finish.

You and a team will be building a secure house, complete with a concrete foundation, metal roof, windows, and door. In doing this, only one week of your life will give a gift of a lifetime to a family in need. For example...

Casas por Cristo


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Read more about experiences with "Casas" at this previous post about service and this one on fund-raising. Or watch this short video!

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Predisan -a medical facility in Honduras who vision is to see people experience wholeness physically and spiritually.

This wonderful ministry started as one leap of faith by the Clark family in 1988, Predisan has expanded to bless the people of Eastern Honduras in multiple ways. Today, Predisan has an excellent reputation and respect across Honduras, one of the poorest nations in this hemisphere, and an ever-increasing number of possibilities to serve and share the message of Jesus. Predisan helps and serves the people of Eastern Honduras by providing vital healthcare, HEALING, and community development enterprises while meeting spiritual needs as it PROCLAIMS Jesus and heals lives.

predicar (to preach. to proclaim) + sanar (to heal) = Predisan

Their mission is "proclaim Jesus and heal lives." They focus on helping people realize their inherent worth and wholeness, as God intended. Their focuses include Health Care, Spiritual Outreach, AND Community Development. Predisan is also helping create a generation of Christian leaders by proclaiming Jesus and changing lives in their staff, volunteers and the communities they serve.

With Predisan there are team mission opportunities through their clinic, their rehab program, they have over 30 health clinics in the area and are responsible for the health care of over 160, 000 people! Their birthing clinic assists approximately 450 births a year. Please look at their website for the many opportunities for short-term missionaries.

Okay! Now before you leave this page,

let's look at this passage again:

"He must become greater;

I must become less." -John 3:30

God has made His message for your mission trip very clear: you must humble myself so that HE may be seen. You want to exalt Him in this mission and be here for HIS motives. And you will take up His cup - and drink the water - not the river water that flows next to your bark hut at your mission point in Australia or your adobe shelter in Guatemala, but the living water He so generously offers us time and again in His Word. Through this water you will have - and offer - eternal life. Now THAT message offers potable water and it is the kind of water we need to pack for our mission trips.

Happy hunting! Keep John 3:30 at the FRONT OF YOUR MIND and I believe with all my heart that you will make the right choice.

The Scripture Scout